Plastindia 2015 Plastindia 2015 Is the First Show to Come Up With “Innovation Pavilion”

Editor: Dominik Stephan

For the first time, Plastindia is going to have a theme called ‘Innovation Pavilion’ for Plastindia Fairs. It is going to be an exciting place to visit for all interested in modern development using plastics.

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(Picture: PROCESS)

Frankfurt/Germany - This apt theme is especially expected to be important to all who are associated with the research & development such as Scientist, technologist and engineers and faculty members, students, etc. Through the full scope for this Innovation pavilion is being worked out, broadly it will consist of three sections – Industry / Institution Sections, Graduate Students Posters and Plasticon Awards. The association also plans to make the new initiative as interactive and educational as possible for visitors of Plastindia 2015.

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