Polymer Logistics

Plant Engineering for large Polymer Compounding Facilities

Building a large scale polymer compounding facility requires the know-how of compounding, the solids handling technologies, the logistics, the control system design capabilities and the civil construction.



While small compounding companies, typically specialized in some niche products and mainly having a regional importance, build their plants themselves with the support from their plant engineers, the large polymer producers require a professional engineering team providing them engineering support like in the development and construction of a large polyolefins plant.

Such a task typically is provided by engineering houses taking responsibility for the complete planning, engineering, procurement, construction and commissioning process. These EPC companies typically execute projects in the range of 100 million to 4 billion US$. The cost of a compounding facility, however, ranges between 10 and 100 million US$ and thus is too small for large EPC contractors. Thus, engineering houses normally do not cater for this type of business and the large polyolefin companies building compounding plants are left on their own.

This vacancy now can be filled by consortia of equipment supply companies with in-house plant engineering capabilities. These plant engineering companies have developed substantial experience in building systems for the polyolefins industry, but also serving the polymer processing industry. Such a consortium requires the know-how of compounding, the solids handling technologies, the logistics, the control system design capabilities and the civil construction for infrastructure and buildings.

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