Fertilizer Plans for New Fertilizer Production in Nigeria

Editor: Dominik Stephan

Pan-African conglomerate Dangot has selected Tata Consulting Engineers to help them in establishing a new US 1,9 billion fertilizer plant in the African state Nigeria.

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Largest African fertilizer plant planed in nigeria
Largest African fertilizer plant planed in nigeria
(Picture: PROCESS)

Abuja/Nigeria – Upon completion, the new Dangot plant will be the largest African fertiliser plant, with a capacity of two times 2,200 tons/day of ammonia and 7,700 tons/day of granulated urea in two 3,850 tons/day-capacity trains.

Tata's services include review engineering, construction management, quality management, health and safety management and other project management. Dangote Group president Aliko Dangote said Tata Consulting Engineers has a track record of delivering complex projects. "We trust Tata Consulting Engineers with this project as we believe they have capabilities to handle such a large scale project with multiple dimensions," Dangote added.