Fairs & Exhibitions: Pittcon 2013 Pittcon 2013 Opens Call for Topics

Editor: Dominik Stephan

Pittcon 2013 announced its annual Call for Topics for Conferee Networking Sessions. The event, which will be held March 17-21, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, will provide forums and discussion panels for topics of mutual interest or problems specific to certain instrumentation or procedures.

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The analytics and life science industry meets at Pittcon 2012.
The analytics and life science industry meets at Pittcon 2012.
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Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania/USA – The submission deadline for any suggestion is August 1, 2012, the organisers say. Suggestions for topics and facilitators may only be submitted electronically through the Conferee Networking section of the Pittcon website. The Pittcon Conferee Networking Committee will review the submitted topics, and selections will be completed by early September. Final session topics will be posted to the website in October.

Conferee Networking Sessions, free to all registered attendees, provide an informal venue for a small group of 15 to 25 participants to openly discuss topics of mutual interest or solve problems specific to certain instrumentation or procedures.


28 Sessions Address Topics from Analytics to Chemical Industry

There will be a total of 28 different facilitated sessions during Conference week; 4 on Sunday, and 8 each day, Monday through Wednesday. Any topic within chemicals, analytical chemistry, analytical instrumentation, laws and regulations, and environmental issues may be proposed. The organisers, nevertheless, see a special interest in any topics relating to energy and shale gas that they want to adress in the discussion.

Sessions “A Unique Opportunity to Network”

In a recent statement to the press, Conferee Networking committee member Fu-Tyan Lin commented: “These [sessions] serve as a unique opportunity for Pittcon conferees to network with colleagues from around the world.”

Co-chair Fu-Mei Lin added, “Many times we have seen the discussions continue long after the conference has ended, and these newly formed relationships become valuable scientific resources for participants.”

Pittcon 2012 saw 943 exhibitors presenting trends in Analytics and Life Sciences in Orlando, Florida. Once again, classic topics like spectroscopy and chromatographic methods accounted for the majority of the exhibition. More in Classic Analytic Methods Favourites at Pittcon 2012.