Pharmaceutical Industry Forum Pharmaceutical Engineering Forum: Double Digit Growth Expected for China's Pharmaceutical Industry

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China's pharmaceutical industry targets annual growth rates of 20% and 16% respectively for the gross output value of pharma firms and industrial added value by the end of 2015. Reason enough, to address this boom with a matching event: the "Vogel Pharmaceutical Engineering International Forum 2012", which was recently held in Shanghai by Vogel Industry Media Group and PROCESS China...

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The main conference hall attracted the most participants: Here industry experts shared their experience ...
The main conference hall attracted the most participants: Here industry experts shared their experience ...
(Picture: PROCESS China)

Vogel Pharmaceutical Engineering International Forum 2012 was successfully held in Shanghai

On June 28th-29th, 2012, the Vogel Pharmaceutical Engineering International Forum 2012, sponsored by Vogel Industry Media Group and the PROCESS Magazine, was successfully held in Shanghai. Following the successful holding of Year 2009 in Tianjin, Year 2010 in Beijing and Year 2011 in Shanghai, this forum is the fourth “Pharmaceutical Engineering International Forum”.

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37 experts from State Food and Drug Administration, Shanghai Food and Drug Administration, domestic and foreign large-scale pharmaceutical enterprises, famous engineering companies, pharmaceutical production solution suppliers, and etc. made the wonderful speeches in the forum, more than 400 relevant personnel of pharmaceutical industry participated in the forum.

In 2020, China could be the number one global chemical market, and account for market volumes bigger than all industrialised countries together, the chemical industry association DECHEMA believes. More in China Number One Market for Chemicals in 2020?

China's Industry Expect Double Digit Growths

At the beginning of 2012, the “12th Five-Year Development Plan of Pharmaceutical Industry” was issued: The plans targets annual growth rates of 20% and 16% respectively for the gross output value of pharmaceutical industry and industrial added value by the end of 2015.

The Chinese pharmaceutical market is faced with expansion, changes and upgrade of industry threshold: Now the country's domestic pharmaceutical enterprises will pay more attention to project construction and reform, improvement of production process, production quality management, information technology, construction and other management concept and advanced technology.

“Vogel Pharmaceutical Engineering International Forum” Recognises Development

In the light of this development, PROCESS Magazine held its annual “Vogel Pharmaceutical Engineering International Forum”, an event that is widely recognized by the industry in Shanghai, integrated the resources coming from various sectors, and met the audience’s urgent demand for pharmaceutical engineering project construction and technology progress of process innovation.

Read what topics are currently discussed among China's pharmaceutical industry and how a favourable policy framework adds to the good outlook on page 2!

The forum is divided into four major sub-forums:

  • Aseptic preparations
  • Solid preparations and API
  • Information technology and automation
  • Biopharmaceutical preparations

The forums approached these topics from the point of view of production process of different types of drugs. Presentations gave insight into the aseptic, solid and biopharmaceutical preparation factories from project design, construction, operation, verification to production process optimization, quality control and other contents.

The forum invited Ms. Zhang Hua, who is minister of GMP Department of Certification Center, Shanghai Food and Drug Administration, to summarize and analyze the common problems in 2010 version drug GMP certification process. Ms. Zhang answered questions and treated problems for the audience.

Gathering of Pharmaceutical Experts in China

Experts from Bristol-Myers Squibb, GlaxoSmithKline, Sino-Swed Pharmaceutical Corp.., Jiangsu Chia-Tai Tianqing Pharmacy., Tianjin Tasly Group., Beijing Tiantan Biological Products Corporation and other domestic and foreign pharmaceutical enterprises also shared their experience and made the interactive communication with live audience.

Automation Becomes A highlight Topic

Comparing with the previous pharmaceutical forums, the forum has added lots of bright spots in information and automation sub-forum, biopharmaceutical preparations sub-forum. With the pharmaceutical factory’s increasing demand for information and automation construction, the forum invited Wang Yingli, who is division chief of Information Center, State Food and Drug Administration, introduced the national policies, measures and focus of attention on “Drug Electronic Supervision”.

Automation specialists from Siemens, IBM, ABB, and others shared the advanced concept and project results in the aspect of information and automation control system construction. - Read on how China's administration supports the country's booming pharmaceutical industry on page 3!

A Favourable Policy Environment...

Regarding the favourable policy situation brought by forthcoming introduction of “12th Five-Year Plan of Biological Pharmacy”, domestic biological high-tech enterprises will obtain more policy support and key development in the future. The “Biopharmaceutical preparations Sub-forum” invited large-scale foreign-funded engineering companies (such as PM, JGC Corporation) to introduce successful cases, also invited Beijing Tiantan Biological Products Corporation Ltd and other domestic leading biological products manufacturers to share the experience of process optimization and advanced technology application.

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Although there is a broad consensus that growth in the pharmaceutical industry will most likely come from the emerging markets, the opportunities for deals and acquisitions are limited: Acquisitions in these markets remain difficult for Big Pharma due to lack of suitable targets and government and regulatory constraints. More in Opportunities for Pharmaceutical Companies in Emerging Markets Still Limited

...Bears Fruits for China's Pharmaceutical Industry

As the important supplement outside the speech, the forum sponsor also arranges the special topics and special session symposiums of each sub-forum, hopes to take this opportunity to bring about more fruitful professional communication and business negotiations.

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