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Pharmaceutical Engineering Forum: Double Digit Growth Expected for China's Pharmaceutical Industry

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A Favourable Policy Environment...

Regarding the favourable policy situation brought by forthcoming introduction of “12th Five-Year Plan of Biological Pharmacy”, domestic biological high-tech enterprises will obtain more policy support and key development in the future. The “Biopharmaceutical preparations Sub-forum” invited large-scale foreign-funded engineering companies (such as PM, JGC Corporation) to introduce successful cases, also invited Beijing Tiantan Biological Products Corporation Ltd and other domestic leading biological products manufacturers to share the experience of process optimization and advanced technology application.

Although there is a broad consensus that growth in the pharmaceutical industry will most likely come from the emerging markets, the opportunities for deals and acquisitions are limited: Acquisitions in these markets remain difficult for Big Pharma due to lack of suitable targets and government and regulatory constraints. More in Opportunities for Pharmaceutical Companies in Emerging Markets Still Limited

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...Bears Fruits for China's Pharmaceutical Industry

As the important supplement outside the speech, the forum sponsor also arranges the special topics and special session symposiums of each sub-forum, hopes to take this opportunity to bring about more fruitful professional communication and business negotiations.

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