Pharmaceutical Industry: Pharma Predictions for 2015: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Editor: Constanze Schmitz

CPhI presents an expert panel forecast for the pharmaceutical industry. Key topics include: continuous manufacturing and QbD expanding, the role of the FDA and concerns about the supply chain

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CPhI’s expert panel forecasts the good, the bad and the ugly for the pharmaceutical industry in 2015.
CPhI’s expert panel forecasts the good, the bad and the ugly for the pharmaceutical industry in 2015.
(Source: CPhI)

Amsterdam/The Netherlands — CPhI Worldwide, organised by UBM EMEA, has delivered its expert panel forecast for the pharmaceutical industry in 2015. CPhI stands for worldwide exhibitions and conferences for the pharmaceutical industry. The expert panel consisted of the following members: Prabir Basu, Consultant at Pharma Manufacturing; Hendrik Baumann, CEO of Arevipharma GmbH; Brian Carlin, Director, Open Innovation, FMC; Emil W Ciurczak, President Doramaxx Consulting; Girish Malhotra, President EPCOT International; Hedley Rees, Managing Consultant at PharmaFlow; and Dilip Shah, CEO, Vision Consulting Group, have all predicted trends for the year ahead.

The main topics amongst the industry experts, and members of the panel, was how the consistent growth in big pharma’s implementation of continuous manufacturing and QbD over the next 12 months will unfold. For example, Ifpac (International forum on process analytical chemistry) is holding several sessions this year to encourage an increased use of generic PAT/QbD. Furthermore a new office of pharmaceutical quality, as launched by the FDA, will encourage an increased QbD adoption throughout the industry. Beyond this, industry and the FDA will continue to emphasize quality metrics but nothing substantial is expected. Interestingly, Indian pharmaceutical companies are, according to Prabir Basu, also showing significant interest in implementing OPEX-which could be a significant cultural shift.

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