Coatings at Paintindia 2014 Perstorp to Showcase Materials and Coating Products

Editor: Dominik Stephan

Perstorp presents a full palette of essential building block raw materials and innovative specialty coating products at Paintindia 2014. The speciality chemicals company sees Asia and India as of high strategic importance.

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Perstorp presents its Capa technology for coatings at Paintindia 2014
Perstorp presents its Capa technology for coatings at Paintindia 2014
(Picture: Perstorp)

Perstorp/Sweden – “We have built our organization locally to support our customers with fast responses, smooth business processes and innovative products designed for today and tomorrow. We are fully prepared for India’s future and its success”, explained As Parag Karhadkar, Sales Director APAC at Perstorp explains.

Providing total support to Indian customers is best achieved through offices in Mumbai and Delhi, with a warehouse situated close to Mumbai. The Application Development Lab (also in Mumbai) plays a significant role in helping customers to develop their products and business in India as well as in Asia and the Middle East Africa. Asia is a very dynamic and fast changing region requiring local support in applications development. Perstorp has introduced the concept of Regional Product Managers to provide a fast local product development response to customer requests.

Asia of Strategic Importance for Coatings Industry

Perstorp is a major global supplier of Penta and TMP. Now, withe recent investments in Asia, the company aims for a leading role among the Neopentyl Glycol suppliers. To strengthen its position in India, the company is lining up a series of innovative specialty products for the Indian coatings market to meet the emerging needs of today and tomorrow. As the market matures for sustainable products, high performance PU coatings and PUD’s Perstorp hopes to find new customers for its coatings portfolio.

A Major Forum for Paints and Coatings in India

At Paintindia 2014, Perstorp presents its new Capa caprolactone technology, which is particularly successful in leather and textile applications. Capa polyols can also be used to create premium PU coatings and stove enamels. Other important products for PUD’s on show at Paintindia will include Bis-MPA, an essential raw material, and Ymer a non-ionic dispersing agent for waterborne resins.

Research and Development with Focus on Sustainability

80% of Perstorp’s R&D expenditure goes into finding more sustainable solutions. As the demand for sustainable solutions grows in India Perstorp’s customers are well placed to take full advantage. Whether it is VoxtarTM the world’s first renewable Penta, or halogen-free architectural fire protection with our Charmor range for intumescent coatings or Capa polyols for low VOC durable PU coatings Perstorp is ready and waiting. Paintindia provides the perfect opportunity to find out more.