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Paving the Path to Operational Excellence with Industrial Automation

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‘CampusConnect’ is another AIA initiative, which takes innovation and industry to students on the college campus. This initiative allows various models of professional excellence to be explored with the academia, some examples of which are the developer - employer model, collaboration in continuing education, collaboration in research, high-level technology alliance and the consultancy model.

Grass Root Innovation: Initiatives for Industrial Automation

‘Sustaining Good Performance with Grass Root Innovation’ is particularly significant in the Indian context, because a significant part of our systems are under automated. The process of recognizing in-house innovation and creative automation projects began as an AIA initiative for the automotive industry, in 2011. The focused use of automation technologies for productivity increase, energy efficiency, safety, value improvement and environment protection is also worthy of emulation across other supply chains.


The organization supports these initiatives through their ‘Centers of Excellence’ at Chennai and Baroda. Some of the areas focused on include:

  • Vision sensing
  • Mass flow sensing
  • Position and profile sensing
  • Real-time simulation
  • Process analytics with safety algorithms
  • HMI & touch screen programming
  • Coordinated motion controls
  • Data validation and control using RFID
  • Wireless connectivity and web reporting

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