Particle Measurement Particle Analyzer for Fine Powders

| Editor: Dr. Jörg Kempf

The quality control of fine powders in a size range from 1 µm to 3 mm can be substantially improved with the new Camsizer XT from Retsch.

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More precise and faster analysis of particle size and particle shape helps to improve the product quality, reduce rejects and save costs. The design is based on the well-proven optical particle measurement system Camsizer but is optimized for finer samples. Not only the improved optical resolution but also new options for material feeding allow for an extended application range. The Camsizer XT offers three alternative dispersion methods:

  • Pourable, not agglomerated particles are fed to the analysis area by a vibrating feeder.
  • With the dry powder feeder agglomerated particles can be accelerated and dispersed through a nozzle with adjustable overpressure.
  • Particles can be dispersed in liquids in the wet module, optionally with ultra sound.