Pharmaceutical Packaging Packaging with Track and Trace

| Editor: Dominik Stephan

Marchesini offers a whole portfolio of filling and packaging solutions with “Track and Trace” ability for the pharmaceutical industry.

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Pharmaceutical packaging solutions with Track and Trace capability
Pharmaceutical packaging solutions with Track and Trace capability
(Picture: Marchesini)

With the Opto 150, the company offers a versatile machine with alternated motion for filling bottles. Featuring a dispensing range from 0.5 to 100 ml. this linear machine is able to process different types of products, such as drop counters, screw-on capsules, press-on caps and diptubes and is designed specifically for ophthalmic products. Solid products can be packed with the 'Fast' blister line. The label and datamatrix code control stations, for both containers and cartons, is fully compliant with current traceability standards enforced in the pharmaceutical industry. An offer that does not merely propose labelling systems that can be rigged-out with a track and trace system, but that highlights complete lines for drug serialization, from start to end.

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