Optimized Processes Oxea to Increase Production Capacities with Optimized Processes

Editor: Wolfgang Ernhofer

The chemical company Oxea has developed several innovative continuous processes to expand its production at its site in Bishop, Texas/USA.

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In Bishop, Texas/USA, Oxea produces Derivatives.
In Bishop, Texas/USA, Oxea produces Derivatives.
(Picture: Oxea)

Oberhausen/Germany, Bishop, Texas/USA – The optimizations will add significant further volume, beyond the already announced capacity increases for Potassium Formate and Trimethylolpropane (TMP).

Potassium Formate is used, among other applications, as a component in well-servicing fluids for the extraction of oil and gas and for de-icing. TMP is a widely used building block for polymers, especially in polyesters and polyurethanes, but is also used in a plethora of other areas, such as, for example, synthetic lubricants.


You will find statements of Oxea's Managers in the picture gallery of the article.