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Overcoming the ”Digital Divide” with Data Management

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62 Percent Still Have to Pass the "Data Divide"

  • Of the estimated 62 percent of enterprises that have yet to traverse the data divide, 47 percent of UK enterprises state that they hope to use their data to make changes to their businesses ‘eventually’. Less encouraging is the 12 percent of UK enterprises that use their data ‘for compliance purposes only’ and worse still, the two percent that does nothing whatsoever with their data.
  • The biggest obstacles to being able to implement systems that will enable enterprises to close the data divide include: budget (30 percent) and resources (26 percent). A further 20 percent cite a lack of understanding in the business.

Alert, Convert or Avert – Strategic Approach for Data Analysis

“There will be a marked improvement in the performances and revenues of those companies that have what we call the two second advantage,” said Mark Darbyshire, EMEA CTO at Tibco. “In other words, the ability to see and understand what’s coming around the corner and make the necessary adjustments in anticipation of it. It looks increasingly like UK companies are lagging behind their continental counterparts in this respect.”

He continued: “The ability to alert, and then convert a transient opportunity or avert an impending threat will be crucial for long term survival. Those trapped by the data divide will find themselves at a competitive disadvantage.”

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* The research was carried out in August 2012 across the 300 enterprise level CIO’s in the UK, France and Germany, by Vanson Bourne, on behalf of Tibco Software.