Mixing Solutions Outstanding Reliability with Lifetime Support

Editor: Ahlam Rais

SPX Flow is one of the largest manufacturers of industrial mixing solutions. Its Lightnin and Plenty brand mixers are globally renowned for their exceptional process capability and outstanding reliability and come with lifetime support; from design, through installation, to comprehensive aftermarket services.

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The Compact Series combines the leading, high efficiency Lightnin impellers with a more economical, simplified drive system.
The Compact Series combines the leading, high efficiency Lightnin impellers with a more economical, simplified drive system.
(Source: SPX Flow)

The firm works hard to ensure that its customers get great value for money and reduce their total cost of ownership from solutions that increase mixing efficiency, optimise the amount of energy used, and perform reliably to maximise process uptime.

Compact Series

Included within the Lightnin range of mixers is the Compact Series. According to the company, this exciting range combines the leading, high efficiency Lightnin impellers with a more economical, simplified drive system. It offers customers with particularly high value for their mixing process across industries such as water & wastewater, mining & minerals and chemical, by delivering assured performance at a lower cost.

Sanstar Series

The sanitary Sanstar Series is ideal for applications in areas such as pharmaceutical, biotechnology, personal care and food & beverage. These flexible inline and offset mixers are available with exceptionally long shaft lengths and options to match specific process needs, adds the firm.

They provide long life, reliable operation and reduced power loss by using high-efficiency planetary gears. Mixers are available with Quality Assurance Documentation (QAD) package to demonstrate current Good Manufacturing Practice and are manufactured to the highest quality with stainless steel housings and motors.

Magmixer MBE

The hygienic Lightnin bottom entry magnetic mixer, Magmixer MBE, has no shaft penetrating the tank and requires no mechanical seals; eliminating the risk of leakage or microbial contamination. The company opines that it provides high torque capacity with optimum cleanability and, with bottom-mounted magnetic agitators, is ideal for low-viscosity, sterile applications.

The hub and magnetic rotor are connected only by the impeller blades, removing the need for shaft and seals. Strong, oversized ceramic bearings reduce the risk of breakage, are product lubricated and produce exceptional mixer stability, reliability and performance.

Lightnin Mini Lab

In addition to the facilities available at its sites, the organisation also offers a portable testing solution, known as Lightnin Mini Lab. This compact laboratory can be shipped to site to enable in-situ testing on real products. This is particularly useful if it is not possible or practical to transport fluids for test purposes, for example because the product is hazardous or degrades over time, adds the company.

Lightnin and Plenty brand mixing solutions have been shown time and again to provide first time desired process results. The in-depth expertise and continuous programme of research and development SPX Flow has in mixing, ensures products offer superb strength, reliability and performance, claims the company. A complete understanding of the science of mixing further means the firm can efficiently deliver highly effective, bespoke solutions for even the most arduous of mixing processes.

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