Wet-Oxidation Process Optimized Waste Water Technologies

| Editor: azubi653

Under the slogan “Setting new benchmarks”, Bayer Technology Services (BTS) will be showcasing fully integrated solutions for waste water treatment.

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One of the focal points will be Loprox (Low Pressure Oxidation), a patented wet-oxidation process used to pretreat highly polluted waste water prior to biological treatment. As a cost-effective alternative to other standard procedures, it uses comparatively mild reaction conditions to break down toxic organic substances or those with poor biodegradability to such a degree that the resultant low-molecular residual organic matter can be easily degraded in a biological treatment plant. The reaction heat released during this process and the heat recovery function used in the recuperator mean that the process can be operated without additional energy input. A further highlight is an energy-efficient aeration system for waste water treatment plants.