Germany: Functional Interoperability Open Communication Standard to Facilitate Pharma Packaging Serialization

Editor: Alexander Stark

Open-SCS and Werum IT Solutions successfully staged the “Open-SCS plug fest” at Werum’s headquarters in Lüneburg, Germany. The Open-SCS working group is partnered with the OPC Foundation to develop an open source standard covering the complete business transaction for the data exchange in pharma packaging serialization.

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Open-SCS was honored with the Pharma 4.0 Award.
Open-SCS was honored with the Pharma 4.0 Award.
(Source: Werum)

Lüneburg/Germany — During the plug fest the interfaces between the ISA levels 2-3 and 3-4 and the different vendors have been tested. Besides Werum (manufacturing IT including serialization solutions) the companies ACG (end-to-end pharmaceutical solutions), Advanco (packaging/distribution serialization and track and trace level 3 and 4), and Wipotec (serialization provider of level 2 systems) took part in the interoperability tests. Complex data containing, for instance, serialization mass data, were exchanged and the compliance with the OPC UA standard checked.

Costantino Pipero, leading the event on behalf the OPC Foundation said that the results were very satisfactory. The goals of testing the interfaces, interoperability, and compliance adherence were fully achieved. The specification was viable and would therefore not require changes, Pipero added. OPEN SCS wants now start and speed up implementation.


In recognition of its efforts to develop an open communication standard, the Open-SCS working group was honored with the Pharma 4.0 Award by the Pharma MES / Pharma Trackts! conference.