Barrel and Laboratory Pumps Only one Motor for Several Pump Tubes

| Editor: Dr. Jörg Kempf

The new Combiflux pumps from Flux-Geräte constructed on the basis of the tried and trusted Juniorflux pumps now allow additional flexibility.

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The motor FEM 3070 is connected to the pump tube by a special quick action coupling. This allows the motor to be attached to another pump tubes in a matter of seconds. So only a single motor is required to allow several pump tube to work — even when bought separately. This allows universal use and saves both time and money. The pumps feature high operating safety; their high performance 230 W motor with an overload cut-out switch is double insulated and splash-proof. In addition to that, by using a 2-step switch, the motor guarantees high precision delivery. An integrated attachment hook ensures that the hand tap is safely mounted on the pressure joint. As the outer hose can easily be unscrewed by hand, the pump can be cleaned quickly and easily.