Praxair Expands Services in China On-site Solutions for Wastewater Customers

Editor: Alexander Stark

Praxair continues to execute its strategy of providing environmental solutions for growing water treatment applications in China.

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The VPSA system at Jiangbin Water produces the oxygen required to manufacture ozone.
The VPSA system at Jiangbin Water produces the oxygen required to manufacture ozone.
(Source: Praxair)

Danbury/USA — The company recently started up two vacuum pressure swing adsorption (VPSA) oxygen supply systems for Jiangbin Water Treatment and the Gao Bei Dian Recycling Plant. Praxair also signed a long-term contract with the Xiao Hong Men water recycling plant to build, own and operate a VPSA system for its water treatment processes.

Jiangbin Water is located in Shaoxing, Zhejiang province, China, the industrial hub of the country’s textile and dye industry. The company is the first large-scale plant in the country to use the ozone process to treat discharge from dye and textile finishing processes. The VPSA system produces the oxygen required to manufacture ozone.

Gao Bei Dian and Xiao Hong Men, part of the Beijing Drainage Group, are two of the largest municipal water recycling facilities in Beijing. The new VPSA systems will supply ozone units which decolor and disinfect water, helping mitigate water shortages and supporting the city’s sustainability efforts.

“As China continues to focus on addressing environmental issues, industry and government entities are coming to Praxair for help with oxygen technologies and supply. From packaged gases to bulk supply or on-site production, we can offer a variety of solutions to our customers,” said Will Li, president of Praxair China. “Jiangbin Water, Gao Bei Dian and Xiao Hong Men are just a few examples of how Praxair has helped customers in China address their needs with industrial gas applications.”

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