Process Control Old Controllers to Get a 15-Year Life Extension

| Editor: Dr. Jörg Kempf

An innovative life extension program keeps even 30-year-old controllers and control systems running at low cost, says Japan’s Yamatake Corporation.

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The global azbil (Automation Zone Builder) Evolution Program (AEP) offers Yamatake customers maximum value from existing field instruments, distributed control systems and operation support systems, even those which are several decades old. The idea, says the company, is to introduce as much of the latest technology as is needed, using as much existing equipment as possible. Accordingly, Yamatake plans to extend the lives of the more than 30,000 controllers installed worldwide by continuing to maintain existing hardware, and supplying new controllers which use updated technology with existing software and databases. In similar vein, the company is developing a new control system that can use software written for more than 10,000 existing distributed control systems. It also offers field solutions that add value to existing plants by maintaining equipment such as control valves. Founded in 1906, Yamatake Corporation later became Yamatake-Honeywell Co. Regaining its independence in 1998, the company has recently developed an engineering and maintenance system in Asia. With the new measures to extend the life of old plants, Yamatake aims to double its overseas sales in industrial markets to 30 billion yen by 2013.