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Editor: Gerd Kielburger

The water industry trade association, British Water, will be highlighting the opportunities currently available for water technology in the oil and gas sector at a one-day conference at Coventry University on 2 December 2015.

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The UK oil industry uses three barrels of clean water for every barrel of oil extracted.
The UK oil industry uses three barrels of clean water for every barrel of oil extracted.
(Picture: WiseonWater)

London, UK - In recognition of the growing dependence of the oil and gas industries on water for extraction and processing, British Water has organized a conference to bring together representatives from both sectors. The meeting will follow three themes:

  • Oil and gas industry are more in need of water expertise than ever
  • Emerging shale oil industry offers new potential market for water technology
  • Conference brings together top players from oil, gas and water

Oil and gas experts from industry, trade bodies and UK Trade and Investment will offer guidance to working with companies producing oil and gas.

Leading representatives

Among those participating are leading oil and gas companies, trade bodies NOF Energy and UKOOG, utilities representatives Water UK and global business Schlumberger, the world’s largest oilfield services company.

UKTI representatives will be explaining some of the incentives available to companies working in oil and gas while representatives of the Environment Agency will be giving an overview of current regulation.

The first half of the conference will focus on the global oil and gas industry, covering technological challenges, procurement processes and investment opportunities, while the second session will concentrate on the developments in the UK shale gas industry.

The conference is open to members and non-members of British Water.

For more information visit: www.britishwater.co.uk.

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