Sustainable Energy

News From Research and Development

Energy is a main focus of this year's ACHEMA: Bio based technologies offer an attractive alternative to depleting oil reserves, high energy prices and carbon dioxide emissions. Reason enough, to visit the research exhibition at ACHEMA 2012 to take a closer look at the latest developments in terms of sustainable energy... The potentials are amazing: a recent report by Bloomberg New Energy Finance estimates that biofuels have the potential to replace over 50 percent of the global demand for gasoline by 2030.

With second generation biofuels, eight of the highest agricultural-producing regions in the world could replace ten percent of their gasoline demand, if only five percent of the agricultural residues were converted to next-generation cellulosic ethanol, analysts believe.
Although the market for biofuels grew by nearly ten percent in2012, we are still far away from these figures. The technology for the future bio economy nevertheless, is already in the pipeline. We took a closer look at the research and development exhibition at ACHEMA to find out what's new in terms of sustainable energy...