CPhI India New Ways of Packing Pharmaceuticals Safely at CPhI India

Editor: Dominik Stephan

At CPhI India, Sanner, a manufacturer of high-quality plastic packaging, introduces its Atmo Guard System. This comprehensive service is offered to all customers purchasing a desiccant plastic packaging from Sanner, and ensures a safe, timely and cost-efficient market launch of new pharmaceutical and healthcare products.

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Sanner introduces Atmo Guard System at CPhI India
Sanner introduces Atmo Guard System at CPhI India
(Picture: Sanner)

Mumbai/India – The Sanner Atmo Guard System relies on real, product-specific data and takes all relevant factors into account, thus delivering reliable measuring results backed by safe, tried and tested processes. As true primary packaging experts, Sanner has an extensive know-how regarding moisture input. The holistic approach of the Atmo Guard System makes sure that all steps and aspects are incorporated in the process – be it for drop-in, integrated or individual desiccant packaging solutions.

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