Tableting Science New Technologies Improve Tablet Production

Editor: Gabriele Ilg

Pharmaceutical tablet specialist I Holland has developed a service that allows tablet producers to avoid stickiness issues by characterizing the adhesion behavior between tablet ingredients and the company’s PharmaCote line of coating treatments.

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Rob Blanchard shows the Pharma Cote range
Rob Blanchard shows the Pharma Cote range
(Picture: Page Bailey)

The service, which is available free of charge to customers, is called TSAR (Tabletting Science Antistick Research) Predict. Developed in collaboration with the University of Nottingham, TSAR Predict is a mathematical modeling program that accurately forecasts the Pharma Cote product that will result in the least amount of “sticking” when used with a particular tablet ingredient.

Stickiness is a major concern to tablet manufacturers, says Rob Blanchard, Research, Development & Quality Systems manager for I Holland. It is important to ensure that customers are aware of how their particular tablet will behave with a certain coating formulation so that stickiness can be minimized, explains Blanchard. Furthermore, the TSAR Predict service eliminates costly field trials by reducing the potential for sticking problems.