Namur Recommendation NE139 New Recommendation for Barrier–Free Interfaces

Editor: Dominik Stephan

The usage of the opportunities of industrial IT for the process industry requires an increasing integration of information systems across the levels of production. However, efficient integration is only possible on the basis of extended system design. Now the industry association Namur launches a new recommendation for barrier–free systems.

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(Picture: Namur)
(Picture: Namur)

In future new, model-based, service-oriented and flexible concepts are expected to find their way into the world of process control, the international industry association Namur believes. Such structures, howerver, require new, open and efficient interfaces. In order to ensure a barrier-free and efficient use of these services, the association believes it is necessary to standardize the information to be exchanged in a technologically neutral way.

Aside from the specification of individual interfaces, in particular a general scheme would be useful as it makes it possible for the user to formulate the non-functional requirements of the interface. The Namur recommendation 139 has two objectives: firstly, it formulates a general concept for interfaces which may serve as a basis for additional interface specifications, supporting the work of other Namur working groups and standardization bodies and secondly, it defines quality features that can be used to describe the non-functional properties of an interface quantitatively. These quality features make it possible for users to formulate the requirements for the quality of an interface in a standardized and clear manner for specific projects.