Measurement and Accuracy New Range of Weighing Indicators

Editor: Ahlam Rais

Variohm Euro Sensor has added a new line of weighing indicators that will fulfil the cost and performance requirements for a wide range of counting, check weighing and platform scale applications across industries such as food & beverage, packaging, agricultural equipment, weighbridges and more. The new W-series offers four models for DIN-rail and panel mounting with entry level to advanced interfacing and a choice of output, display and interactive functionality. Covering 4 or 8 load cell inputs up to 350 Ω, the range includes an Atex compatible model and an electronic overload guard for redundant operation.

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The new W-series – clockwise from top left, WT1, WT2, WG3, WT15 and WT14.
The new W-series – clockwise from top left, WT1, WT2, WG3, WT15 and WT14.
(Source: Variohm Euro Sensor)

The cost effective WT1 model has DIN-rail mounting and with either RS232C half-duplex or RS485 full duplex serial doors may be loaded with ASCII or Modbus RTU protocols to enable communication with a PC or PLC. The indicator has an internal resolution of 16 x 106 counts and a 5 digit, 7 segment LED display has a resolution of 16,000 counts, with a three- key mechanical keyboard providing easy access for pre-programmed functions.

According to the company, the WT2 weighing indicator builds upon the WT1 with connectivity via Profibus as its default protocol offering the ability for control in more complex systems. The WT2 also features an optional Ethernet connection which comes with a 128-byte in/out buffer for high-speed PC connections.

For almost any application where DIN-rail mounting is required, the WT14 weighing indicator features RS232 and RS485 serial ports and a USB device port as standard. Fieldbus options that allow interfacing with the vast majority of supervision devices include Profinet, Device Net, Ethernet (10 to 100 Mbps), Ethernet IP and Ether Cat. The model features expanded storage capability and a 6 digit, 7 segment, LED display with a visible resolution of 999,999 counts - plus a four-key capacitive keyboard for easy access to the configuration and calibration functions, adds the firm.

At the top end of the range, the panel mounted WT15 weighing indicator boasts of a smart multi-lingual touch-screen and a 32-bit Arm Cortex microprocessor that provides impressive computing power for a wide range of industrial and commercial weighing applications, mentions the company.

With 6+6 opto-isolated input and output ports, and multiple serial bus output options, the WT15 has all the fieldbus capability of the WT14 model but offers a more sophisticated solution for complex automated weighing tasks. An Atex-certified version is available for use in potentially explosive environments. All weighing indicator models offer optional analogue outputs and suitability for intrinsically safe barriers for use in hazardous areas. Performance specifications through the range include input sensitivity to 0.02 V/division and linearity to <0.01 % of full scale with 24-bit D to A conversion, opines the firm.

The DIN-rail mountable WG3 electronic overload guard is a compact redundant safeguarding system for prevention of weighing machine overload. With two independent inputs for load cells it meets the category 3 EN 13849-1:2008, PL d standard. The double security load limiter design includes an integrated alarm for load cell malfunction or power failure.

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