Petrochemical Industry: Events New Petroleum & Chemical Engineering Forum Recognises Chinese Petro–Boom

Editor: Dominik Stephan

Oil and petrochemicals boom in Asia: Especially China has seen a rapidly emerging petroleum products industry that is just about to venture into overseas market. Reason enough to address these developments with the International Forum on Petroleum & Chemical Engineering 2012, organized by PROCESS China. This year, the forum will be held in Shanghai for the first time...

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On the main forum, petrochemical engineering expert consultant Ms. Zhang Fuqin analyzed the development of China’s petrochemical industry in the “Twelfth Five-year Plan”.
On the main forum, petrochemical engineering expert consultant Ms. Zhang Fuqin analyzed the development of China’s petrochemical industry in the “Twelfth Five-year Plan”.
(Picture: PROCESS China)

This year's International Forum on Petroleum & Chemical Engineering (November 29-30, 2012) will move from Nanjing to Shanghai, where the event continues the legacy of its successful predecessors: The forum will keep up the proven "1+2 meeting mode" where a main forum will be available for industrial experts to introduce and analyze industrial development trends, petrochemical engineering philosophy and project cases while two subforums ("Engineering & Maintenance"and"Automation & Equipment") will focus on discussions about topics concerning the current advanced philosophies, processes, technologies and equipments in the petrochemical industry.

International Forum on Petroleum & Chemical Engineering 2012Time: November 29-30, 2012; Venue: Shanghai

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Unique Opportunity for Professional Exchange Among China's Petrochemical Industry

More than 200 high-level representatives from large petrochemical and chemical companies will be present at an additional exhibitor area during the whole forum, including professionals from the

following sectors: project management, equipment maintenance, operation, technical support, EHS, process control directors and managers, factory directors and general managers. This combination of exhibition, exchange and discussion gives a unique opportunity to meet customers, partners and professionals among China's petrochemical value chain, the organisers believe.

The scope of the exhibition and services includes:

  • Engineering design, construction and maintenance
  • Software, control system, instruments
  • General-purpose devices such as pumps, valves, seals etc.
  • Safety, protection, emergency, rescue equipment and articles
  • Environmental protection and water treatment equipment/technology
  • Services, training and certification
  • Chemical industry zone
  • Maintenance and quality assurance

The International Forum on Petroleum & Chemical Engineering 2012 shall help to build one high-end, internationally and domestically advanced platform for exchange in petrochemical and chemical engineering, project management, equipment maintenance and production technology, PROCESS China states. By comprehensively expanding cooperation channels for Chinese petrochemical enterprises, international

and domestic engineering companies, design institutes and equipment suppliers it could become one regular grand industrial event available for communication and cooperation.

The first Petroleum & Chemical Engineering Forum sponsored by PROCESS magazine and co-organized by the Nanjing Chemical Industry Park and China Petroleum & Petrochemical Equipment Industry Association was successfully held in the International Conference Hotel Nanjing during November 16-17, 2011.

Approximately 30 technical experts from engineering companies, design institutes, petrochemical enterprises and equipment suppliers such as Fluor, Uhde, Linde, Bayer Technology Services, BASF, BASF-YPC, Lanxess, Sinopec, ARC, Siemens, Honeywell, Fluke, AspenTech among others exchanged their views on topics such as engineering construction, equipment maintenance, project management, engineering optimization and safety management.

More than 200 Representatives Make Exhibition Highlight of the Event

More than 200 experts and enterprise leaders from the petrochemical industry got together to share their practical project experience gathered for many years, discussing the cutting-edge hot topics, expressing respective opinions and the latest ideas on jointly optimizing resource utilization, minimizing costs and maximizing returns on investments in each link from engineering design, purchasing, construction to equipment maintenance.