Fittings New generation of Stainless Steel Connection

Editor: Dominik Stephan

Where gases and liquid media are flowing and high safety standards are required, modern connections are required. The design of the U2 stainless steel twin ferrule fitting by Schwer Fittungs allows vibrations and pressure pulses to be absorbed, without any fear of leakage, the manufacturer says.

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(Source: Schwer Fittings)

The use of high quality stainless steel guarantees a long service free life, also in the chemical industry. On request, parts can also be supplied from Hastelloy, Titanium and other highly alloyd materials. Material certification according DIN ISO 10204, ANSI etc., are available on request.

A new generation of threaded connection for pipe networks, pipe joints and welded systems comes with the Zero-Con-crown, which is absolutely leak-tight, due to a consistent material quality.

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