Germany: Emulsion Separation Using Viscose Fibres New Filtration Applications

Editor: Alexander Stark

Kelheim Fibres, a producer of fibres for filtration applications such as viscose fibres for tea bags or coffee filters and R&D activities in the sector of beer filtration, is looking into a new area of applications by exploring the suitability of their hydrophobic Olea fibre for emulsion separation.

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Kelheim/Germany – Olea is a viscose fibre with durable hydrophobic properties. The additives used in production are approved for food contact by the FDA and the BfR (The Federal Institute for Risk Assessment in Germany) and at the same time free of silicones.

In a series of tests over the next months, the manufacturer of viscose speciality fibres will analyse how these hydrophobic properties influence the separation of water/oil mixtures. According to the manufacturer, preliminary trials have shown an accumulation of oil on the fibre’s surface which would enable the separation of the larger oil droplets.

In a next step, the Bavarians will examine the efficacy of separation of different emulsions, as well as the influence of the nonwoven construction and suitable blend partners.