Electronic Switches New Family of Electronic Switches for Pressure, Temperature and Level

Editor: Dr. Jörg Kempf

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(Picture: Wika)
(Picture: Wika)

Wika is presenting an innovative product family of electronic switches for fluid technology in machine building. The new industrial instruments measure and control pressure, temperature and level with an identical “look and feel”. The switches have high functionality and are also very user-friendly. The three-key operation with tactile feedback and a clear menu structure ensure that commissioning is smooth and trouble-free. Set parameters can also be checked quickly. The parameters and values are displayed on a 14-segment LED display with nine-millimetre high characters. In particular, readability of characters has been improved considerably to be more intuitive to work with. The display and housing rotates independently, making the parameters and values easy to read, even under difficult conditions. The design is as flexible as it is robust, and through the numerous possibilities for mounting and setting and the high ingress protection, it can be installed in virtually any environment. The model PSD-30, TSD-30 and LSD-30 switches are available in various country-specific versions. Therefore they can be used worldwide.