Pipes New Developments in Pipe Materials

Editor: Dominik Stephan

Repsol introduces newly developed raw materials for pipes: The company's new Alcudia T40N is a low-density polyethylene grade PE40, according to ISO 9080 Standard.

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Repsol introduces polymer materials for drinking water pipelines
Repsol introduces polymer materials for drinking water pipelines
(Picture: Repsol)

Designed for drinking water and irrigation applications pipelines, the new material complies with the requirements of the UNE EN 12201-1 “Plastics piping systems for water supply” regulation. The flexible polymer is it a good choice for lower impact on the natural environment in hard-to-reach, or even in really winding, stretches of pipeline, the manufacturer believes. It is already being used for new applications such as pipelines for geothermal energies, allowing high levels of heat recovery from inside the Earth. The T40N combines the major advantages of plastic pipelines, such as light weight, easy installation, high resistance to chemicals, extended life, extremely smooth internal surface with virtual absence of incrustations and a 100% recycle–ability.