Sadara Chemical Project New Deals at Sadara: Metso to Work on Mega–Scale Chemical Project

Editor: Dominik Stephan

Metso will supply a significant amount of its Neles and Jamesbury valves for the largest petrochemical project in history: Sadara’s fully integrated chemicals complex currently under construction in Al Jubail, Saudi Arabia.

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Sadara orders valves from Metso for the petrochemical mega–asset at Al-Jubail
Sadara orders valves from Metso for the petrochemical mega–asset at Al-Jubail
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Metso's scope includes the delivery of automated control and on/off valves, emergency shut-down valves, as well as ball and butterfly valves equipped with intelligent valve controllers. As the mega–size project needs large components, many of the valves are of large diameter, sizing up to 80 inch (about 2 meters). Metso’s valves will control process flow in several process areas in the complex including the mixed feed cracker, downstream units and utilities.

Sadara Selects Metso Valves for Al Jubail

Neles metal seat as well as Jamesbury soft seat technologies provide dependable valve performance enabling reliable, safe and efficient plant operations in petrochemical industry applications. Neles ND9000 is a field-proven valve controller that guarantees end product quality in all operating conditions with its unique 3rd generation diagnostics and incomparable performance features.

The Biggest Petrochemical Project To Date

The Sadara complex, the biggest petrochemical project ever build in a single phase, will produce more than three million metric tons of high value specialty chemical products and performance plastics annually to be used in many industries, such as transportation (automotive parts, maintenance fluids), construction (pipes, adhesives & sealants), packaging and containers, consumer goods (foam for furniture and bedding; rigid for appliances), adhesives & sealants, coatings, oil & gas (pipeline coatings, sour gas treatment), and electrical & electronics.