ACHEMA: Boiler Controls New Controls for Boiler Plants

| Editor: Dominik Stephan

From Flowserve Come presents a new series of flow control solutions for boiler plants. The new flow control solutions shall help to increase the fficiency of steam and condensate applications, the manufacturer states.

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(Picture: Flowserve)

The Gestra TS36 trap station is well suited for maintenance and servicing of steam traps, including colour coded hand wheels for operating the isolating valves. Blow–off and test valves help to de–pressurerize the steam trap, allowing for a visual indication of the steam trap.

The SRK26A non–return valve prevents the backflow from condensate return to protect Sterilisation–in–Place (SIP) processes from contamination. The SRK26A can be connected directly to the steam trap without additional pipes and weldings, offering a small and time effective solution for pharmaceutical processes.

In addition, the company presents its SpectorModul series for boiler control certified to SIL 3. With a simple and intuitive user interface, it enables a modular and scalable controller design for industrial boiler operations, the company states.