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NETZSCH Pumpen & Systeme GmbH
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Jan 23, 2019

N.Mac® Twin Shaft Grinder

NETZSCH grinding systems can be used wherever it is essential that solid matter in fluids be broken down reliably to ensure the prevention of pipe clogging and damage to downstream equipment

Capable of fragmenting large and solid particles, the N.Mac® Twin Shaft Grinder is ideal for different applications such as wastewater treatment, biomass substrate handling, and food and fruit scraps. The housing designs, channel and inline versions, allow installation into effluent channels or with flanges to prevent pipe clogging and to protect downstream equipment, such as pumps.



Design Details

  • Housing for inline channel installations
  • Flow rates from 50m³/h to 400m³/h
  • Double Shaft technology for reduction of solid particles
  • Low power installation at 2,2 kW, 3kW and 4kW
  • Low rotation of the cutters at high torque (1:29 reduction)
  • Hexagonal shaft in hardened steel
  • Standard cutter arrangement 7/7 teeth
  • Optional control unit to reverse direction of rotation in case of blockage