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Networking, Online and Graduates: IChemE's new President Points Out Strategy Change

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“With an extra 1m chemical engineers and IChemE, with 35,000 members, claiming to be advancing chemical engineering worldwide, I’m thinking small fish, big pond. And that pond is getting bigger all the time,” Scott warned. In his opinion, the approach should be to get chemical engineering students interested in an IChemE mebership during their academic studies and developing stronger links with industry employers.

Scott also cited the need for a new social media and digital communication strategy that would position IChemE as ‘the conduit to chemical engineers worldwide and their professional network for life”.

Networking, Online and Social Media – IChemE's New Strategy

“Networking has gone online and training, publications, events, recruitment and even professional peer review will ultimately follow...Our 35,000 members represent an asset that can be leveraged to do great things and if we go about this in the right way, then I believe that we can unlock the power of our membership, our brand and our reputation to truly advance the cause of chemical engineering worldwide both on the ground and on the web,” said Scott.