Norway: Large Scale Hydrogen Production Nel Asa Initiates Feasibility Study for Hydrogen Export

Editor: Alexander Stark

Nel Asa has initiated project “Hyper” – a feasibility study analyzing the potential of large scale hydrogen production in Norway.

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Oslo/Norway – Together with Sintef, Statoil, Linde Kryotechnik, Mitsubishi Corporation, Kawasaki Heavy Industries, NTNU, The Institute of Applied Energy, and others, Nel Asa has initiated project “Hyper” – a feasibility study analyzing the potential of large scale hydrogen production in Norway for export to the European and Japanese markets. The project has received a € 1.5 million grant from the Energix-programme of the Research Council of Norway.

"We are proud to announce the initiation of Project Hyper with Sintef and our partners. The exploration of large-scale hydrogen production in Norway for European and Japanese markets has significant potential. We are looking at a scenario in which production of 225,000 tons of hydrogen could fuel as many as three million cars annually. We are looking forward to contribute to the project with our world-wide and extensive experience within hydrogen production from renewable energy," says Bjørn Simonsen, market development director of Nel.

Sintef Energy Research is the host organisation and the lead research partner for Project Hyper. The aim of the project is to study the feasibility, as well enable the planning, construction, and operation of a commercial decarbonised hydrogen production, liquefaction, and export facility based on Norwegian fossil- and renewable energy resources.

"Project Hyper gives us a unique possibility to investigate and gain a deeper understanding of the different technological elements and interactions within hydrogen production. It is a strength for the project that we have major industry partners with us, and is an opportunity to utilise their competence and commercial insight within this area", says Chief Scientist at Sintef Energy Research, Dr. Petter Nekså.

Project Hyper is planned and financed throughout 2019. The total project cost is estimated at approx. € 2.15 million.

"One of the aims of the project is to develop cost-efficient means for decarbonised value creation from Norwegian energy resources", says David Berstad, researcher at Sintef.

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