Mixing Solution Multifunctional Mixing Installation

Editor: Dr. Jörg Kempf

J-Tec has designed a multifunctional mixing installation taking the EHEDG guidelines into account. This vertically build blending line does not need any pneumatic transport and works fully gravitational.

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Mixing unit, through ceiling, attached in frame
Mixing unit, through ceiling, attached in frame
(Picture: J-Tec)

Another advantage is that the discharging, mixing, sieving, dosing and bag filling activities can take place on a small surface, meaning that this solution fits almost everywhere. On the top floor big bags can be discharged using an easy controllable hoist.

Thanks to a special discharge unit, equipped with an hygienic and 100 % dust free discharging clamp, big bags can be emptied in a clean and optimal way. J-Tec has engineered a bag and liquid discharging unit in combination with the big bag discharging unit. The liquid system allows to add max. 5 % of warm, cold, viscous or less viscous fluids into the mixer in a homogeneous way without the possibility of clot agglomeration.

Hall 1, Stand 418