Single-Use Equipment Move Containers Easily in Sizes up to 1,000 l

| Editor: Dr. Jörg Kempf

Meissner Filtration Products has launched several carts and pallet trucks specifically designed for use with its One-Touch range of single-use biocontainers.

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FlexStation rigid transport and shipping containers are available in standard sizes of 100 l, 200 l, 500 l and 1,000 l to fit Meissner’s TepoFlex 3D biocontainers. The new mobile cart designed to fit the two smallest containers features a forklift-compatible frame in 304 stainless steel with polyurethane castors and a removable push handle. The two larger FlexStation sizes, on the other hand, can be used with an optional stainless steel mobile cart which features swivel castors and is accessible for forklift loading from both sides. A short-fork hand pallet truck is also available for lifting and moving all sizes of FlexStation containers short distances. The FlexStation rigid outer containers with their new accessory carts complement Meissner’s line of single-use TepoFlex biocontainers to provide robust fluid management solutions. Meissner’s One-Touch single-use systems allow

  • buffers,
  • culture media,
  • and bulk products

to be moved within and between plants, and offer cost-effective alternatives to stationary stainless steel storage bins. As well as the One-Touch single-use biocontainers, Meissner also manufactures advanced microfiltration products for sterilizing drugs and reagents in critical applications.