Butyl Rubber Plant

Most advanced Butyl Rubber Plant in Asia

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Learn in this video clip how Lanxess was building the most advanced butyl rubber plant in Asia and about the advantages of this product for the tire industry. Production of butyl rubber is a highly complex process, involving a number of steps at temperatures between –100 and 200°C. The previous butyl rubber production process has been completely re-engineered and the new process will be used in Singapore. The plant was engineered and built by Foster Wheeler Asia Pacific Pte. Ltd. on a 150,000 m²gestellt]
site on Jurong Island. 500 tonnes of steel, 350 km of cable and 80 km of pipe were used during construction. Around 10% of total expenditure was allocated to technology which reduces the environmental impact of the new butyl rubber plant. Steam offers significant savings potential. Energy consumption is lower because less steam is needed during the production process than at comparable plants. A state-of-the-art thermal off-gas system ensures that chemical compounds from the production process do not have a negative impact on the environment.
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