Refrigeration Systems More Resistant Ball Valve

Editor: M.A. Manja Wühr

Hantemp Controls has expanded its line of ball valves designed to withstand the corrosive and harsh environments of today’s refrigeration systems.

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Cobra-Neck ball valve
Cobra-Neck ball valve
(Picture: Hantemp)

Featuring all stainless steel construction ensuring unmatched resistance to corrosion, the Cobra-Neck ball valves are now available in a wider range of sizes (3/4” to 4” connections) to meet a greater number of system-specific needs and applications. When equipped with an actuator – pneumatic or electric - for motorized control, the ball valves can be used to control pressure, temperature, flow, and refrigerant liquid levels. The valves have been approved for a safe operating fluid temperature of -70 °F to +240 °F and a safe working pressure (SWP) of 800 psig (55 bar). All Hantemp products, including the Cobra-Neck ball valves, are compatible with today’s common refrigerants including ammonia, CO2, and many secondary refrigerants.

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