Vinyl Ester Monomer Momentive Opens Chinese Monomer Plant

Editor: Dominik Stephan

Momentive Specialty Chemicals opens a new production facility for vinyl ester monomers in Sanwei, PR China, increasing its global monomer production capacity by 30 percent.

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(Picture: Momentive)

Sanwei, PR China – This plant, a production joint venture with Shanxi Sanwei Group, provides a second manufacturing location for Momentive's VeoVa monomer, increasing current monomer capacity by about 30%, and easing supply constraints for growing global demand. Commercial quantities of VeoVa monomer will become available for shipment in the third quarter, the company expects. An official ribbon cutting ceremony for the new plant is scheduled in June.

VeoVa is a vinyl ester monomer of Versatic acid which is copolymerisable with vinyl acetate, ethylene, and acrylates. Therefore, the substances provides a variety of functional benefits to water-based decorative paints, wood stains and coatings, adhesives and redispersible powders for construction applications, Momentive explains.

Coatings and Surface Treatment:A recent market study sees a potential US $ 5.8 billion market for flame retardants in 2018.