Moisture Sensor Moisture Content on Display

Editor: Wolfgang Ernhofer

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Gea Pharma Systems, in co-operation with NDC, has developed a new inline moisture sensor for pharmaceutical drying systems that simplifies moisture measurement, saves processing time, avoids unnecessary operator contact with toxic compounds and helps ensure a top product quality. The new moisture sensor, LHP-NDC 710e, which fits into a standard 2” port on the dryer, eliminates the need for complex chemical modelling techniques (chemometrics) to ascertain the moisture content of a product during the drying process. It extracts just the moisture content as a single piece of information and displays it simply for the operator. This speeds up the drying process and improves accuracy. The new sensor shows a continuous display of the actual moisture content on a display screen as the product dries. This allows the operator to monitor precisely the actual moisture content and to stop the drying at exactly the right point.