Packaging Technology Modular constructruction provides flexibility

Editor: Anke Geipel-Kern

Flexibility is one of the needs of packaging companies. The Varioline packaging system is one of the flagships of Krones, which provides highly flexible solutions.

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The Varioline can handle even up three-stage packaging processes, thus replacing up to six individual machines.
The Varioline can handle even up three-stage packaging processes, thus replacing up to six individual machines.
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The Varioline packaging system has proved highly successful in gaining widespread acceptance among bottling and canning companies. The firms are frequently tasked with first placing individual containers in multipacks, and then packing these in suitable sales or secondary packaging. This necessitates maximised flexibility.

So by developing the Varioline as a responsively flexible solution, Krones has found the right answer for this job profile: here, a single machine replaces up to six conventional individual machines with conveyors. With the Varioline, up to three-stage packaging processes can be implemented with just a single machine. Space savings in the layout, reduced maintenance outlay and fewer operators are the logical consequences.

The modular Varioline kit consists of three units: cartoning module, feed module, and basic module, which can be combined to form a customised packaging system. This modularised construction also offers flexibility for the future. The machine handles up to 52,000 containers per hour.

How a Belgian Brewery benefits

The Belgian specialty brewery De Brabandere is one of more than 30 bottlers who have already benefited from the Varioline’s versatility. It bottles 23 different beers, and thanks to the Varioline produces up to 34 different packages – and all of it on a single line. The wide choice available for packaging options is particularly useful for the brewery when it comes to exports.

Brewmaster Yves Benoit is veritably entranced by the Varioline: “It’s the ultimate luxury for a brewery of our size: we can supply our customers faster. The quality of the packaging is better, and the automated packaging function is significantly more affordable. We cause a smaller CO2 footprint, since intermediate transports for repacking are no longer needed. The Varioline can be swiftly modified to handle different formats. This system enables us above all to operate with significantly more flexibility in our end-of-the-line packaging.”

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