Modular mechanical construction Modular Components Simplify Machine and Factory Construction

Editor: Gabriele Ilg

Item Industrietechnik is a pioneer in modular mechanical systems for individual machines and complete production lines. The company’s portfolio includes more than 3,000 components for constructing machine frames, workstations, automation solutions and lean production applications.

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Linear actuators are just one of 3,000 modular components item
Linear actuators are just one of 3,000 modular components item
(Picture: Item Industrietechnik)

Modular design is the key to lower costs and optimized production, item says. The company positions itself as a single source for the efficient production systems required in today’s business environment, which is characterized by lack of space, short product life cycles, and the demand for flexibility. Designers often face conflicting requirements, too: both laboratories and production facilities need to be easily reconfigured, for instance, while also remaining safe places to work.

Intelligent modular design makes it possible to meet all these requirements, item says, to combine flexibility, efficiency, and reliability. The company’s XMS construction system, for instance, won a 2014 design award in Germany for its combination of minimum footprint and maximum cleanliness. Features include workspaces connected via closed aluminum cable channels, and integral door seals. The company’s MB building kit system adds a choice of machine enclosures and safety partitioning systems. Many machines require the use of linear actuators to position moving parts. item offers a choice of ready-to-install linear actuators, which customers can configure on-line at the time of ordering.

Stairs, landings, and platforms are often essential for access to machines or to make better use of limited floor space. Modular solutions from item in this category work seamlessly with the MB building kit, whether integrated into machine frames or installed as free-standing items.

Even with the most modern machinery, people still play an essential role in most factories, item points out. The company’s “ergologistics” range — a synthesis of ergonomics and logistics — speeds production flows whilst catering to the needs of workers of all ages, with measures to avoid heavy lifting and excessive bending. Intralogistics trolleys, for instance, are designed to move heavy loads smoothly. Color-coded grab trays and other small-parts storage systems complete the package.