Japan: Premium Diapers in Demand Mitsui Chemicals Benefits from Abolishment of One-Child-Policy

Editor: Alexander Stark

Mitsui Chemicals will expand production of high performance nonwoven products at their Nagoya site to meet the increasing demand for premium diapers.

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Tokyo/Japan – Within the company's mid-term business plan, Mitsui Chemicals will be positioning their healthcare business as one of the targeted business domains that drive growth, in addition to mobility, food & packaging activities. The nonwoven business, as part of the healthcare business sector, is intended to further expand by supplying premium diaper manufacturers in both Japan and the rest of Asia with their products.

The disposable diaper market in Asia is witnessing steady increase in demand in part because of the increasing use of disposable diapers and the abolishment of China’s one-child policy. In recent years there has also been a dramatic expansion of the high-quality, highly functional premium disposable diaper market, resulting in more efforts on part of manufacturers to develop systems to increase their production.

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