Power Supply Miniature switched-mode power supplies

Editor: Wolfgang Ernhofer

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Conta-Clip introduces PSPI DC power supplies for DIN rail mounting. Three models, the largest 89 x 90 x 62 mm, supply output currents of 1.3 A, 2.5 A, and 4 A. They can be wired in series and in parallel; thus, higher output currents can be realized. The compact devices convert 100..240 V AC to 24 V DC – all three models comply with EN 61558-2-17 and EN 60950 (SELV) and fulfill the EMC requirements of EN 61204-3. The output voltage can be easily adjusted between 22.8 and 26.4 V DC using the potentiometer located on the front side of the housing. The power supplies are simply connected to the grid. Thanks to a 44..66 Hz nominal frequency range, they can be employed anywhere around the world. Tension-spring terminals make for quick and secure connections. These power supplies are well suited for small distributor installations, for measurement, control systems and in industrial and building automation.