Filter Elements Microfiber for Maximum Effect

Editor: Dominik Stephan

Wherever a lot of dust is encountered, filter elements prove their worth: In application such as sugar, plastics and chemical products processing, but also in steelworks, foundries or in surface treatment lines, filter elements are a critical yet often overlooked tool.

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Viledon Nexx Filter Bags standard and antistatic
Viledon Nexx Filter Bags standard and antistatic
(Picture: Freudenberg)

Now Freudenberg launches the Viledon Nexx filter bags and their design-enhanced version, the Hi-Nexx bags. Based in the company's Evolon medium technology with a patented microfiber material, the elements offer distinctive advantages compared to conventional needlefelt bag filters, the company states. The units are well suited for applications involving the recovery of powdery products in the food and pharmaceutical industries, and silo dusts. For example, flour in mills can be recovered from the gas flow quite easily and used again.

Thanks to the exceptionally fine microfiber surface featuring endless filaments, valuable recovered products will not be contaminated. NEXX filter bags are also being used successfully for arresting inorganic color-pigment dusts. The bags provide a filter medium surface with ultra-fine pores and fibers, enabling pigments to be produced with tiny particle diameters right down to the nanometer range. In addition, Nexx media do not contain any silicone, and are suitable for the product recovery of color pigments in the automotive industry.

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