MG2 starts a new revolution in the capsule filling market


The innovative EXTRUDOR ™ powder dosing unit designed by MG2 will be introduced for the first time at Pack Expo show

Always synonymous of continuous motion capsule filling machines, MG2 is one more time the key player of another technological revolution in the field in which for over 50 years the Italian-based company is a market leader.
To date MG2 is the only company of the pharmaceutical machinery industry able to offer both continuous motion machines with dosator system and intermittent motion machines with tamping pins technology: now MG2 can offer a solution that will leave its mark on the intermittent-motion capsule filling market.

In fact, the intermittent-motion capsule filler model AlternA70N, which is produced since 2007, will be the first machine equipped with a revolutionary new powder dosing unit.

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