MG2 heading a project for the setup of a cosmetic line


MG2 stands once again as prime contractor for a packaging project of a new dermatological product that involves some of the most important firms of the pharmaceutical and cosmetic packaging field.

The project

It is well known that unity is strength, especially in the industrial environment, when it is necessary to pack products with advanced technological features, requiring delicate handling and extreme accuracy during the filling phases and the secondary packaging. It is the case of the line that is under construction at MG2, which is dedicated to a product marketed by a well-known multinational pharmaceutical company. In particular, the line fills, checks, arranges and packs multi-size bottles of an innovative product for dermatologic use, at a speed of approximately 120 bottles per minute.
A similar packaging line, engineered by MG2 as well, was already installed inside one of the Canadian productive hubs of the customer, to pack a different cosmetic product. Also in this case, MG2 was the prime contractor of the project, taking care of all issues concerning the design, development and setup of the plant, which is going to start the production within the next few months. MG2 has also supplied the machines for the secondary packaging of the product.

From the bottle to the case: maximum efficiency along the whole process

The line fills, checks, arranges and packs bottles with a capacity ranging from 4 ounces (100 cc. approx.) up to 32 ounces (one liter approx.). MG2 signs the end-of-line: a GSL10 case packer that acts in concert with a GRP palletizer. GSL10 is a horizontal case packer suitable to form, fill and close RSC cases; it features positive and forced case opening, as well as a reliable product feeding and product arrangement, operator ergonomics, easy and quick size change-over. Afterwards, cases are transferred to the GRP palletizer, which is equipped with only one picking head for all sizes, suitable to handle both US and EU pallets (the final product will be distributed in the United States as well as in Europe). The palletizer is also equipped with an empty pallet magazine, a unit for automatic pallet change, a unit to wrap the pallet with transparent film and a full pallet automatic outfeed. MG2’s machine is also equipped with a slip-sheets feeding unit to place a slip-sheet between the cases, in order to guarantee the stability of the products layers. In the end, the specific model included in the line is pre-arranged for serialization (Track & Trace system), as it is already equipped with a vision system downstream and a print & apply unit.