MG2 Service, improvement is better than cure


Over the last years MG2, leader in the design and marketing of capsule fillers and end-of-line solutions, has developed some custom service programs, to improve the efficiency of productive lines through maintenance plans which are fashioned in accordance with customer’s needs

Over the last years MG2, leader in the design and marketing of capsule fillers and end-of-line solutions, has developed some custom service programs, to improve the efficiency of productive lines through maintenance plans which are fashioned in accordance with customer’s needs.

From “Breakdown” to “Time Based” approach
Being a partner to its customers has always been one of the precepts of MG2’s company policy. Customer’s support has constantly integrated the activities aimed to configure and sell capsule fillers and end-of-line solutions; then, since 2009, the Pianoro-based company has decided to become strongly proactive towards its clients, also regarding maintenance activities, moving from a “Breakdown” (which considers an intervention when problems arise) to a “Time Based” approach (when activities are planned to prevent such problems). Today, the policy aims to anticipate customer’s need through the development of maintenance plans which guarantee machine’s good conditions and reduce the risk of unexpected faults due, for instance, to components’ wear. To benefit from a custom-made maintenance program involves established fixed costs, interventions carried out by skilled technicians at proper time, planned with the customer in accordance with his productive needs. Moreover, it allows to maximize the initial investment, reducing machine stops and prolonging the equipment’s life. 

A tailor-made service
MG2 can offer a wide range of services: on the one hand, it carries out real periodical maintenance activities; on the other end, it also includes a series of scheduled checks to adjust complex and important components, the recertification of parts or entire machines and, last but not least, training courses for customer’s staff. All these interventions can be executed on site by MG2’s technicians who can carry out a remote check of some parameters, in case the machines are equipped with a modem or a router. Generally speaking, MG2 Service’s tasks include a periodical machine screening to analyse its general conditions, specific checks of parts which need to be replaced and the use of tools enabling to track the activities and operation’s conditions of the machine, as well as technical interventions carried out on it. MG2 offers a scalable service, in accordance with customer’s budget and requirements: starting from low cost solutions up to full coverage packages.

Following the machines through each life phase
Service operations concern three main categories of components: mechanical (which are checked, aligned, greased and eventually replaced), electronic (which too are examined and eventually adjusted or replaced) and software (in this case, data backup and/or program’s update are carried out). Depending on the category, MG2 has established some rules for maintenance interventions, which consider some machine characteristics such as its use, mechanical features, conditions of the environment where it’s installed and operated. For instance, a plastic rubber must be replaced anyway after a certain time lapse, while the lifetime of a light alloy part can change, depending on the operation’s time and machine speed. Sometimes, the composition of the product to be dosed can be very influential: for instance, some abrasive products (such as active carbon) cause a stronger deterioration if compared to “neutral” powders or pellets. Such rules are essential to draw up a custom-made plan; MG2 can also rely on an internal database, specifically developed, which contains information about all machines built and marketed by MG2 (including those which are out of catalogue).

Custom-made mechanical and electronic kits
Some kits have been developed as for electronic components: packages to replace or update obsolete parts. Electronic components, which are very different from mechanical parts, have a faster wear. Just consider operator’s panels, traditionally based on industrial PCs, which hardware (even if not worn out) is quickly surpassed by new technologies every 3 or 4 years. In this case, relying on MG2’s Service means having a fully functional machine which is also more efficient: machine’s functions are always guaranteed; moreover, the use of state-of-the-art components can considerably improve the efficiency. These kits are also available for the mechanical parts of the machine: in this case, new components can be made of materials with better characteristics (for instance, with a greater abrasion resistance) and can guarantee better product handling. As well as mostly advanced PLCs and mechanical parts with better features, some kits are available for weight control systems’ update and additional security systems aimed to protect the operator. Definitely, whoever entrusts MG2 Service is surely owning a machine which is going to remain at the highest state-of-the-art.

Revamping and productivity analysis
MG2 Service also takes care of revamping the installed machines: we are talking about the full inspection of used machines which can be eventually updated with new units and new functions. This can happen, for instance, when a Company acquires another one and decides to reconvert and re-use the capsule fillers already supplied. In such cases, the decades of experience and know-how gained by MG2’s engineers play an essential role; they not only can inspect dated machines, but they can also support the customer for the eventual revalidation of machines involved in the revamping process. MG2’s service team is also able to make an in-depth productivity analysis of machines installed at customer’s premises. For example, a careful screening of production batches
concerning different machines can improve the productive efficiency of complete lines. Also in this case, MG2’s long-time know-how is fundamental, enabling the Company to carry out multiple analysis on many machines.