MG2, Famar and F.P.S: the winning trio in the game of dosage


Biofarma S.p.A, the point of reference for the contract development and manufacturing of cosmetic products, dietary supplements and medical devices, had to face a challenging project involving the dosage of powders for ready to use products

Biofarma S.p.A, the point of reference for the contract  development and manufacturing of cosmetic products, dietary supplements and medical devices, had to face a challenging project involving the dosage of powders for ready to use products, to be isolated in an environment insensible to humidity. Biofarma turned to MG2 in order to find the most suitable solution.  The Bolognese group became the lead company of an innovative project engaging other important firms in the field of pharmaceutical packaging.

To dose probiotics inside a container insensible to humidity
It is a long-time partnership between Biofarma and MG2, leader in the designing and marketing of capsule fillers and end-of-line machines; in the past, Biofarma purchased MG2’s machines both for process (mod. Planeta) and packaging (mod. GSL10) purposes. So it has been a natural choice to ask the Bolognese company to conceive a solution for a specific requirement: a system to dose probiotics inside blisters placed under container caps. When needed, the system provided by MG2 enables to let probiotics fall inside the underlying bottle, so that they can dissolve in the solution contained in the vial. The main challenge was to dose lactic ferments, in powder form, into an aluminium container. In fact, lactic ferments are usually dosed into hard shell capsules or single-dose and single-phase plastic caps, for ready-to-use solutions (for example, when powder must be dissolved in water). Anyway, ALU/ALU solution is the only one capable to guarantee a total protection from humidity,  which degrades the lactic ferments little by little and makes them ineffective. In order to further ensure the correct product conservation, Biofarma asked for a nitrogen compartmentation of the sealing area, to avoid even the smallest presence of oxygen during the vial capping and closing phases, thus creating an inert environment.

900 pockets per minute, perfectly sealed and oxygen-free
In order to provide a state-of art custom solution, MG2 has taken advantage of its partnership with other important companies of the pharmaceutical packaging field: Famar Packaging and F.P.S. Food and Pharma Systems. In particular, Biofarma’s line employs a blister machine (Famar – TF320) suitable to produce 900 blisters per minute,  equipped with a set of size parts to form, seal and cut the blisters. The dosing unit was supplied by MG2: Flexofill is a head suitable to dose powders and granular products inside small containers or blisters, which can be customized according to the shape and position of blisters. Once the blister has been filled, before it’s covered and sealed, F.P.S.’s chamber intervenes to create and maintain an inert environment, in order to protect the product inside the blisters. The installation is equipped with a vision system to check if dosage was performed, as well as rejecting stations to eliminate nonconforming blisters. The solution provided by the Italian pool of companies is very performing and flexible for two main reasons: first of all, the blister machine can handle any kind and shape of forming material usually employed in the Pharma field. Moreover, thanks to a wide range of volumetric dosators which can be easily replaced, Flexofill is suitable for many applications, from standard dosages up to low dosages of products to be inhaled without compactation. 
The protagonists of the story

Led by the Chairman Ernesto Gamberini, one of the founding shareholders of the company in 1966, the MG2 Group is based in Pianoro, in the province of Bologna, in the heart of the Italian Packaging Valley. The Company is specialized in the designing and manufacturing capsule fillers and end-of-line solutions. In the plant, with an overall covered area of 15.000 m2, are working about 170 employees. Over 90% of the turnover comes from the international market, where MG2 is present thanks to its branches in the United States and China, and an extensive network of agents.

Famar Packaging, founded in 1969, designs and manufactures automatic blister machines, thermoforming machines for trays and continuous/alternate cartoners for all the requirements of pharmaceutical, cosmetic, and herbalist companies. Its know-how arises from years of experience in the field and continues to grow due to its constant attention to customer problems. Its present main purpose is to be able to meet the new requirements of the market; investments are oriented simultaneously toward the development of the technical, productive, and commercial sectors.
Through dedication and energy Famar Packaging believes that it can be a reliable partner for its customers, a partner they can always trust, providing them every day with the best possible service.

F.P.S. Food and Pharma Systems, founded in 2002, provides food, pharma and chemical industries with installations and systems for fine milling (micronisation) and containment (isolators, RABS, discharge systems, laminar flow booths). Thanks to process knowledge and development of innovative systems, FPS can provide high quality solutions to meet the market’s requirements. The flexibility in facing any projects allows FPS to guarantee the shortest time-to-market. Well established in Italy and Europe, FPS recently started spreading its activity in the Asian and American markets. The head office is based in Como; the production facilities cover an area of 5.500 m2, employing 30 people.